Sarajevo Film Festival - CineLink

Sarajevo Film Festival started using CineLink online form (a development and financing platform for carefully selected feature projects from Southeast Europe suited for European co-production).

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Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

The festival decided to start using a web access - the system for updating personal profile, festival invite, travel, accommodation, events invitations and who-is-where report. This is the interface where guests and vistors can communicate with festival.

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One World festival

This year the festival One World will be using the Filmmaker Information Form with possiblity to upload materials and screener. This tool allow to upload film on-line (up to 100GB) using a simple interface.

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MENA Grants Form

On-line platform for submitting a film projects at the Doha Film Institute -  MENA Grants Form has been updated. The form has been created as a bi-lingual and DFI team integrated a Film repository system. As a part of the work was done online evaluation system that allow to readers see submitted information as well as watch the movie and open uploaded documents.

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Miami Internation Film Festival

30th edition of Miami Film festival will be celebrated in March 1 – 10, 2013 and we are created online registration form for VeoMiami, the industry market of the 2013 Miami International Film Festival and for the press.

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Měšťanská Beseda, PlzeňMěšťanská Beseda, Plzeň

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