Pavel Koutecký Award

Seeking for Docu Films with Individual Attitude to a World Around Us. Czech directors and producers can nominate documentary films made between 1. 1. 2011 and 30. 4. 2012. Deadline is on April 30th, 2012. The Fifth Pavel Koutecký Award will be presented at a celebration on 13 June 2012 from 8:00 p.m. in the Archa Theatre, at which the successful film will be screened. Online application (powered by DataKal StarBase) is available here.

The Pavel Koutecký Award, organised by Film & Sociology and Archa Theatre in cooperation with the One World International Film Festival, was founded in memory of this highly original documentary filmmaker. "One of our reasons for founding the Pavel Koutecký Award was so that every year we could bring together friends, filmmakers and other interested people to remember him and show one of his films. He had a unique vision of the world which he was able to portray in film. I would like audiences to have the chance to see his films," says Jarmila Poláková, producer of the film Citizen Havel and one of the founders of the Pavel Koutecký Award.

The director Pavel Koutecký (1956-2006) was one of the outstanding personalities of Czech documentary film. An award was established in his memory in 2007. It is presented annually to one of his successors, patient observers of the world with the ability to communicate their feelings and insights through film.



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